About the Crowncap Collectors Society International
Thank you for your interest in the Crowncap Collectors Society International (CCSI).
We are an organization formed in 1986 by and for collectors of Crown Caps (Crowns) or, as they are more commonly known, "Bottle Caps".

Members come from all over the world but are concentrated in the United States.
Some members collect crowns from all sources - beer, soda pop, water, juices, or whatever. Others limit their collections to one or more of these types. Some collect only the crowns from particular countries, states or breweries; others collect from all over the world. Some collect only older crowns with cork backings; others specialize in new crowns from the many different microbreweries.
Whatever our specialties, however, we all share a common bond: the fun involved in collecting bottle caps.

Our mission is to promote crowns as a major collectible and to serve the hobbyists who collect them.

Our goals include

  • Encouragement and support of newer collectors, as well as the reaffirmation and recognition of longtime collectors in the field.
  • Promotion of the widespread exchange of crowns in order to build all of our collections.
    Most advanced collectors have built their collections through trading.
  • Promotion of ethical behavior in the buying, selling, and trading of crowns.
  • Promotion of uniformity in the hobby: establishment of standard common terms, definitions, and descriptions in print, especially for the benefit of newer collectors.

CCSI is a non-profit organization. Annual membership dues (payable in U.S. dollars to CCSI Treasurer) are currently at bargain rates: $5 for U.S. residents, $6 for residents of Canada and Mexico, and $10 for residents of other countries. (The dues mainly cover the cost of printing and postage; higher rates are only because of higher postal rates.)

Membership includes

  • Subscription to the magazine "CROWNCAPPERS' EXCHANGE". This colorful magazine is published 3 times per year and contains roster updates and informative articles relating to the hobby. Among the items included are free member "want ads", information on the who-what-where-how of crown collecting, and reproductions/illustrations of varied crown designs. Members are encouraged to submit articles and recommend topics to be covered.
  • Roster of all members, showing addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, crown specialties, other collecting interests, and other general information.
  • Access to the online "Members Only" section.
  • Eligibility to attend the annual CROWNVENTION held each year in late March or early April. This convention provides a great opportunity to meet and trade with other members.
    The CROWNVENTION is held each year at a hotel in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA area in connection with the annual "Spring Thaw" breweriana show of the Keystone Chapter, BCCA. Several days of room-to-room trading precede the one-day "floor show" of crowns and other beer and soft drink collectibles.

To join us and receive our great magazines and other member benefits:
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    Thank you!