Ethics Statement of The Crowncap Collectors Society International
We Believe Statement

As members of Crowncap Collectors Society International (CCSI), we come from many different places and backgrounds; however, to the crown collecting community, we are seen as reflecting the CCSI and its values. Accordingly, we must handle all purchases, sales, and trades in an exemplary and ethical manner. When other collectors view us positively, we enhance both our hobby and our Society.

The Pledge

As a member of The Crowncap Collectors Society International, I will strive to:

  • Conform to high ethical standards in dealing with other CCSI members, as well as with non-members, and to conduct myself in such a way as to never bring discredit or damage to the prestige and reputation of the Society or its membership.
  • Conform to the highest standards of ethical advertising, and never knowingly misrepresent an item traded or sold as being older, more valuable, more rare, or in better condition than it is.
  • Promptly correct any error I make in any transaction.
  • Abide by all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the sale and purchase of items.
  • Neither buy nor sell any item of suspect ownership and to report promptly to local authorities any knowledge of stolen items.
  • Never knowingly sell, trade, or advertise any item that has been materially altered, without stating in the offer the nature of the alteration.
  • Never substitute in auction or internet selling another item for the actual item pictured.
  • Be bound by all "terms of sale" conditions when buying and/or selling crowns at auction or elsewhere.
  • Promptly pay for items I have won at auction, or agreed to buy, and promptly deliver items that I have sold.
  • Realize that membership in the Society is a privilege and not a right, and be subject to censure and/or disciplinary action --including possible revocation of membership -- if I violate this code.