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Name Cobega S.A. (Barcelona)
Address Calle de Buenaventura Muñoz del 11 al 15
City Barcelona
State/Province Barcelona
Country Spain
Type Soft Drink Bottler
Extra info Cobega S.A was founded in 1951 by Santiago Daurella Rull as a result of the agreement with The Coca-Cola Company. Cobega became the first bottler of Coca-Cola in Spain and signs the first contract to sell the product in the country.
he Daurella family already showed signs of entrepreneurship in the nineteenth century, and if at the beginning of that century was engaged in cotton trade, in 1853 was a pioneer in the import of cod in Spain, brought from Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands . In fact, Santiago Daurella founded, in 1932, the Asociación de Importadores de Bacalao (Cod Importers Association). Santiago Daurella unveiled the soft and carbonated drinks factory Bebidas Carbónicas D. Its network of distributors and licensees interests The Coca-Cola Company for the purposes of distribution in Spain.
After the War it was when it expanded its activity with its incursion in the field of carbonated drinks, creating in the decade of 40 the Gaseous D and the juices Untomate, Unnaranja, Unlimón, Unuva and until Unapio. Daurella's other great brand, Sandaru, which comes from the acronym of the creator's name, also emerged in that decade as a combined cocktail of the Untomate juice, although in the following decade it would be called a series of tonic, orange and lemon refreshments that counted also with an important distribution area, although in the end they did not survive to the expansion of the big firms in the process of concentration of marks that took place from the 60s, reason why its manufacture ceased finally in the 70s .
The gaseous D, later "super D" (which played with the ambivalence of being the first letter of the surname of its creator and the adjective "delicious"), would count in the decade of the 60 with more than 70 manufacturers, for which it was present in more than half thousand populations, especially in the eastern part of the country. This was a franchise which was attended by a large number of small producers who, (as in the case of La Pitusa, to give an example), benefited from the prestige and publicity of a common brand.
The first bottles of liter were very characteristic, with the letter "D" in relief and a glass with granulated effect. From them it would be passed on to the plain and red serigraphed bottles in white and red, to which in the last years the word "extra" was added, breaking the letter "D". In the last years of life of this refreshment the bottles incorporated in the serigrafiado citrus in yellow color, and also there were bottles with cap of thread of Bakelite.
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