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 Brewer/bottler #9643
Name Malteser-Brauerei GmbH
City Amberg
State/Province Bayern
Country Germany
Type Brewery
Extra info Elector Maximilian I allowed 1621 the Jesuits in Amberg to establish a college with high school and seminary; but as a result of the disturbances and aftermath of the Thirty Years' War, it was not until May 7, 1665, that the construction of the college could begin. In 1693 the Jesuits built a brewery (praxatorium) and in 1746 a water pipe for brewery purposes. After the cancellation of the Jesuit order in 1773, the seminar building was auctioned off, the pupils were instructed to leave the rear wing of the college and the brewery was offered for leasing. In 1782, the Knights of Malta took possession of the brewery, since then it has become known as the Maltese Brewery. In 1808, the Bavarian tongue of the Knights of Malta was dissolved and the brewery was still leased every year. On August 19, 1819, in order to put an end to the changing leases, the King's Government commissioned the Most Highly to publicly auction the brewery to the highest bidder. At the auction on August 6, 1821 statffand offered seminar director Wiesnet 15,880 guilders, the landowner Fernberg 15900 guilders, but according to the Supreme Resolution of September 28, 1821, the study seminar was preferred to the other buyer for various reasons, since the Maltese brewery is owned of the K. Study Seminar.
Today, the Maltese brewery is one of the most important in the city of Amberg; It was completely rebuilt in the years 1908 to 1912 and provided with the latest facilities.
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